Road to AWS Certifications

AWS certification stands as a goal for many who work in the technology sector and is a certification program that has world wide validity. In this article I would like to talk about my experiences in order to help you to have your certificate.

My AWS certifications

Where should I start?

A person who is working in the IT sector would know about cloud technologies. Even if the starting points vary, creating an AWS account would be in very deed. Let’s look how it’s happening at the AWS side. There are 3 different certification levels. These are; Foundational, Associate and Professional/Specialty. Having a Cloud Practitioner exam which is at the Foundational level, would be a good start. That will give you an opportunity to have a preliminary preparation on the way to your goals and helps you to understand the logic behind AWS exams. To clarify the learning path; AWS gives you 3 different paths which are on AWS Associate and Professional levels. These are Architect, Operations and Developer. And you can see the outline of this path below.

Accreditations are important!

You can see the accreditation program on page for each topic that you are going to have the exam. The first step is to have the accreditation program and take the digital training contents. This will enlighten you on your certification path and you are going to look at the topics in the same perspective with AWS.

Online Training Platforms

In my opinion, A Cloud Guru is the best platform that helps you to get your certificate. Especially the Associate training contents are outstanding, they even give you hands on LAB sessions. If it is your first time to take the exam, you should complete the training. But if you are attending for a new certificate you can just look at the new subjects.

Plenty of sample exams!

Trainings might not be enough before the match. Having plenty of practice matches would help you. This way, you can see your weak spots and you can gain exam experiences as well. Having AWS Official Practise Exams would turn out at advantage. On the other hand at the platforms such as Whizlabs you can find plenty of practice exams. And sometimes these practise exams might be much more difficult than the real one.

Exam guide

Before taking the exam you definitely should check over the Exam Guide. You can find the exam content and the topic distribution at the Guide.

Professional and Specialty Exams!

Now you are done with your Associate level certificates and preparing for the next level. It wouldn’t be easy to pass these exam just with your AWS knowledge. Thus, it is important to have general knowledge about the topic that you are going to take the exam. For example: to have Git Flow and SCM knowledge for DevOps Professional exam is essential. These are already told on the Exam Guide. Don’t forget to check over the Exam Guide before you prepare for the exam.


Beside the topics above it is important to practice on AWS by using your own account. (You can create your own Wordpress blog on AWS)This way you are going to be able to use many AWS services according to your needs and you are going to have the opportunity to practice. You can achieve success by following the steps that I talk above. I hope this article help you on your AWS Certification journey. Good luck!

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